The First-Ever Animated Film Debuted Today In 1906 But These 10 Shows Transformed Animation Forever

Today in 1906, the first ever animated film recorded on standard picture film was released and it was named Humorous Phases of Funny Faces. It ran for three minutes long, and it was a silent short created by British-American film pioneer J. Stuart Blackton.

The series of scenes depicted a dog jumping through a hoop and a man playing with a hat. The film begins with the artist’s hands onscreen to begin drawing the characters, before it is completed, the characters begin to move without the artist present. It is generally regarded as the first animated film using cut-out animation and stop-motion photography. The first traditionally animated movie belongs to the French 1908 film Fantasmagorie.

The world of animation has gained even more popularity since its’ inception in 1906. The industry has also become far more advanced than the initial cartoon designs you see above. There are cartoons specifically designed for children, the growing trendiness of adult animations is not stopping anytime soon, and anime-styled cartoons, which are specific to Japanese animated works, have become a mainstay in animation.

In honor of cartoon-lovers across the globe, we have compiled a list of animated series that have transformed and transcended animated history throughout the years. Here’s a list of the top, longest-running animated series to date.